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The Digital Age

Digital Photography has now  allowed for almost instant results, you can now have your studio or wedding photographs available to view  online within hours anywhere in the world and you can even order your prints and have them delivered to your door all from within this website. This pace of change has happened only in the last couple of years but it’s impact has changed the way you the customer can control how fast you receive the finished product, historically weeks not day’s.

Why use a professional photographer, well apart from the expensive equipment and the technical knowledge required to take a very good photo their is the reason I took up photography in the first place, a passion for capturing and freezing for a moment in time the emotion and beauty that is in all of us. That’s what I enjoy about being a photographer, capturing your secret smile or a certain look. You may have a friend with a good camera who offers to take some photos at your wedding, but will they have a plan of action and the stamina to last the day or will they just revert to being a guest after the first couple of hours.

I have the ability with digital manipulation to make you look good enough for the front cover of a glossy magazine, but ultimately that picture had be very good in the first place.

In 2009 yet another law passed unnoticed in this country, it is now illegal to photograph police officers on duty in public, especially when they are in the act of using excessive force or violence.

The picture above would now be illegal take.

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